Dear Customers, our store will be closed from July 12th until August 24th.

We will be taking some time off to make our online store better for you and in the meanwhile make changes to some products and flavors.

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The Perfect Gift

Bring pure joy with this perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Tied with our beautiful brown ribbon and filled with our extremely tasty & sophisticated gourmet brigadeiros. It truly is a dream come true for chocolate enthusiast, Once a chocolate lover tries Brigadeiros it automatically goes to the top of their list.  Making this a perfect gift for any chocolate lover or that special brazilian in your life.


Brigadeiro (BREE-GA-DE-ROH) is more than just a chocolate fudge ball. It is made with condensed milk, butter & cocoa powder. It has a silky texture that melts in your mouth- that is simply irresistible! If you know anything about brazilian cuisine, you’ve probably tasted a brigadeiro before and you know it’s brazil’s favorite & beloved sweet.

Our Flavors

Nina Gourmet Brigadeiro combines the skills acquired with creativity, to prepare recipes with delicious combinations of ingredients. Creating every day more new recipes, today with over 30 flavors available. Our brigadeiros are handmade with pure cocoa without the use of preservatives and chemicals which ensures freshness and unique flavor.


-Best Bridal Gift Set


-Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience
-Best for the Bride


-Most Delicious Ingredient Combinations
-Best Presentation & Packaging